16 Acres-SM Plantations
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  • Sensory Characters:
  • Tactile:
  • Profile:
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    Earl Grey | Apricot | Macadamia Nuts


    Aroma: Floral, Sweet Spice
    Acidity: Tea Like
    Texture: Smooth
    Body: Rounded
    Sweet: Medium High
    Bitter: Medium Low

    Roast - Graphy:

    Agtron: 65
    207 Degree C.
    Total time:
    9 Minute
    Development: 18%

    Processing Information:

    The lot is a single varietal (Selection 5B), naturally processed coffee. Coffee fruits from the Sln 5B block are selectively harvested over multiple rounds to produce this lot. After harvesting, the fruits are siphoned to remove defective and semi-ripened beans. A round of manual colour sorting is also undertaken to ensure uniformity. The fruits are then sun dried in the drying yard – beginning with a thin spread and gradually increasing its thickness as the fruits continues to dry. Raking of the coffee is done periodically throughout the day to ensure uniformity and consistency in the drying. The drying process may take anything between 20-24 days before being packed and stored in the warehouse for the beans to store