Honey Dew-MSP Yellow Honey
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    White Rose | Walnut | Grapefruit | Papaya


    Aroma: Floral, Sweet Spice
    Acidity: Tea Like
    Texture: Smooth
    Body: Rounded
    Sweet: Medium High
    Bitter: Low

    Roast - Graphy:

    Agtron: 67
    Medium Light
    205 Degree C.
    Total time:
    08 Minute 25 Second
    Development: 15%

    Processing Information:

    Yellow honey coffee processing is a unique method used in coffee production. It involves leaving a certain amount of the coffee fruit's mucilage, or sticky substance, on the beans during drying. This mucilage is what gives the beans their yellow colour. The process falls between the fully washed and natural processing methods.
    After harvesting, the coffee cherries are depulped to remove the outer skin. In the case of yellow honey processing, some of the sticky mucilage is intentionally left on the beans. They are then spread out to dry in the sun on raised beds or patios. During this drying phase, the beans undergo fermentation due to the residual mucilage, which can contribute to flavour profiles.
    The yellow honey process allows for some of the sweetness of the mucilage to be absorbed by the beans, resulting in a cup of coffee with a distinctive flavour profile that often includes fruity, floral, and sometimes wine-like notes. The level of mucilage left on the beans, along with factors like altitude, climate, and processing time, can all influence the final flavour.